Pottery Wheel

We use low fire white clay.

Beginning pottery wheel workshop ages (16+).

2 Hours including cleanup time, demonstration, instruction and throwing. Most participants create 2 or 3 pieces, that are then fired and you may paint or glaze later.

Kid spin pottery classes (6 to 15 yrs):

Younger children often do not have the necessary finger & arm strength & coordination for the wheel, but beginning young is fun!

Instructors will guide young potters through instruction & play, most make one piece at least for you to admire. It’s a messy blast! 90 min

Hand building classes for all ages using clay for sculpting is relaxing, enjoyable and a great way to build fine motor muscles and coordination, You can also create beautiful works of art.

90 Minute classes include clay, tools, firing, and glazing.

Something created: Quilt vases, large, balloon bowl, cat garden, creatures, face vases, gargoyles, lidded treasure boxes, unique platters, mirror flames, wall pockets and more

Hourly Studio time is available for students who have completed one of our classes

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