Pottery Wheel/ Clay

Note: When registering for a class, you must register each person individually, that assigns them a "chair" in the class.

We only fire low fire clay. We mostly use low fire white in our classes.

Adult Try It pottery wheel class ages (16+) Youth and Muti age families Try It (9-any age).

Please bring a towel.

Please note: if you have long nails, especially acrylic or press ons, you will have a difficult time throwing pottery

75 minutes including cleanup time, demonstration, instruction and throwing. Most participants create 1-2 pieces.

After drying for up to two weeks, and being fired, participants will be called to return to paint their fired pottery. Then we glaze and refire and phone you when they are ready for pick up. We only hold pottery for 30 days.

Just a note, Younger children often do not have the necessary finger & arm strength & coordination for the wheel, but beginning young can be fun!

Instructors will guide young potters through instruction & play, most make one piece at least for you to admire. It’s a messy blast!

Hand building classes for all ages using clay for sculpting is relaxing, enjoyable and a great way to build fine motor muscles and coordination, You can also create beautiful works of art.

In hand building class you can create things like Quilt vases, large balloon bowl, garden cats, creatures, face vases, gargoyles, lidded treasure boxes, unique platters, mirrors, frames,wall pockets and more

Hourly Studio time is available for students who have completed one of our classes. For our experienced potters, wheel fee is 20$ per hour and 25$ for a half bag of clay, (3-5 pieces) *NOTE: We do not sell clay to the public for outside use. There is an 8$ studio fee to return and paint your pieces once fired.

Wheel Birthday Parties are privately scheduled with an instructor. Please call 703 817-1051 if that interests you. It is 300$ for four participants.

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